About Me.

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I’m Tim Bush. I’m CRB certified, have been a guitarist for over 35 years and have extensive experience of playing in bands using a variety of formats. I’m an RGT Registered Tutor, and I can teach Grades for Acoustic, Electric and Rock Guitar up to Grade 8, plus Bass and Ukulele Grades too. I have taught hundreds of students over the years.


I’m passionate about music and playing the guitar - it’s a great way to express your feelings and escape from the pressures of life.


If you like music, but can’t get anywhere with your guitar - don’t give up! I can help you achieve your dreams. You’ll be amazed how quickly you come along.


I’ll teach you how to hear a tune and then get the music from your head to your fingers.


You won’t learn any boring stuff! You tell me the kind of music you’re into and that’s the way we’ll go.


I’ll have you playing like your favourite artists in no time.



But don’t just take my word for it - read some testimonials from people who’ve already experienced


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