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If you don’t live close enough to come to my Home Studio for lessons, then that doesn’t mean you have to miss out…

I have always offered occasional Skype lessons to my students who couldn’t make it to my Home Studio, but through these months of the lockdown, Skype lessons have worked really well for everyone!

Any music that I need to give you and notes that I write out can be scanned and sent to you immediately. It’s the same for any mp3s that I need to record for you.

It might seem awkward to you at first, but it’s really not - we’ve all got so much more used to online chats with our families, work colleagues and clients over the last few months.

It works really well for guitar lessons - and I’ll still have you rocking and rolling

in no time!

I have several students now, who I’ve never met because they started during the lockdown!

Mail: tim@cdguitartuition.com?subject=Lesson Enquiry