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     “Tim’s knowledge of music, music-styles, chords, songs, tricks, licks, theory, music-stories, his fretboard-fluency and real-time song-tabbing never ceases to amaze me. All delivered in a relaxed no-pressure friendly manner. I imagined that somehow I’d found the teacher that exactly understood my tastes, but reading through the other testimonials I realise that is the case for all his students, whatever guitar style they are playing (or trying to!). Aged 60 I finally got an electric+amp. Figured I’d teach myself off the web... months later still struggling to bang out simple riffs. Within a couple of lessons Tim had me making recognisable renditions of some of my all time favourite rock tunes. Bye-bye air-guitar. For someone as skilled as he, never a whiff of impatience as my middle-aged fingers struggled to obey, and in less than a year he had me working on a lead piece with string-bending and soloing up to fret 15 that never in my wildest dreams I though I might aspire to, ever. In no-stress laid-back simple terms he answers my dumb questions and sends amazing pdf material through to back up the answer. I’ve never had to practice some cheesy song that I hate – I mention a song, Tim either knows it, or just figures it out on the fly. Not only that, he writes up the lesson’s pieces, annotating his tabs, so much easier to follow than the click-bait ad-filled rubbish you find online (and getting it right! – so much on the web is just wrong), so’s it still sounds great but matches your skill level; your custom song tab gets scanned to PDF  skyped/emailed/whatsapped to you and remains available online – all in the lesson – amazing. And lots of mp3 backing tracks to practice to in all the various keys on your personal web area. If only Tim had been guitar teacher back at school......” - Owen M

     “The Lyrics from Tina Turner’s ‘Simply the Best’ are fitting words to describe Tim.  At the start of my lessons I had no music knowledge, inflexible fingers and dare I say at the time no great expectations of myself but with Tim’s skill and patience made me more committed to improving week on week.  Not really knowing which direction of guitar style to take Tim introduced me to finger picking. That was just what I needed, a focus and lovely songs to learn (not to sing to I may add!).  Sadly due to moving I had to leave Tim’s expert tuition.  Any unsure guitarist out there, give it a go, as Tim is The Best.” - Alistair

     “I have just recently achieved Distinction in Grade 8 Rock Guitar. Tim has taught me through all my grades, and has always been encouraging, supportive and relatable. Over the years under Tim's guidance I have gained confidence in my abilities, and a love for the guitar. His lessons both face to face, and over Skype have always been fun whilst being challenging and inspiring. With Tim it isn’t just about the guitar, it’s the commitment to his students - whether that be supporting through the grades, organising group events such as meals out to meet his other students, or booking concerts such as Tommy Emmanuel. Over the years Tim has become a good friend as well as my guitar teacher!” - Matt S

     “I Started with Tim at age 11 when I had no clue whatsoever how to play guitar. Now at age 20, I've just finished all 8 grades and I wouldn't have ever dreamt of getting this far without Tim. A top bloke, and not a bad guitarist either - almost as good as me haha. I was lucky to find a tutor as good as him as quickly as I did. Would 100% recommend to anyone who wants to start guitar or someone who plays already as he can play virtually any style and is incredibly skilled. If you're looking for a guitar tutor, he's the guy for you.” - Charlie M

     “Really knowledgeable on almost all artists and their songs. The time is very relaxed and theory gets explained thoroughly. Loved it!” - Mark E

     “I started learning guitar during the first lockdown having always wanted to give it a go but having never made the time. So, all my lessons have been online with Tim even though he only lives a mile away!

I started learning acoustic guitar but after six months switched to electric as I was gifted an electric guitar and amp. Tim is highly skilled in both styles and has a wealth of teaching materials and songs to support each lesson.Tim sets up a web page for each student with copies of the materials used and also pre-recorded  songs to play along to for practice. My lessons have been a mix of working towards Grade 1 and learning specific songs for a bit of fun.

Tim is an extremely friendly and personable sort of guy with a vast experience of guitar playing and styles. Tim makes the lessons both fun and interesting and my guitar playing has improved significantly during the time I’ve been having lessons. I would highly recommend Tim to anyone who wants to learn guitar at any level of experience.” - Ian R

     “Skype lessons with Tim work really well. He is very knowledgeable and very patient. He takes time to get to know how one is learning and always has helpful and useful tips to help me move along. I always finish a lesson knowing more and absolutely enjoying wanting to try each new step. Thanks Tim.” - Glen M

    “James has been receiving lessons for nearly the last 15 months with Tim and his confidence and knowledge has grown beyond belief! With Tim’s guidance and support, James has gone from not being able to play anything or holding a guitar to preparing for his grades and playing numerous songs – He really is ready to rock out! During recent times where travel has not been possible, Tim has accommodated lessons via video link on Skype. This enables James to still continue with lessons seamlessly and still promoting high professionalism. Thank you for all of your support Tim!” - Lyndsay M

    “Due to Covid-19, we assumed that our Son’s lessons would be cancelled and he would have to miss out on his guitar tuition for a while, but Tim suggested Skype sessions. The first session this week went really well and my Son enjoyed it just as much as his usual lesson. It’s great that he doesn’t have to miss out, and he has plenty of time to practice!” - Hannah P

    “Having Skype lessons with Tim is really useful. They are just as fun and informative as a normal lesson, and having the option to still have my lesson when I am unable to get to his house is great. They are a credit to Tim’s fantastic teaching!” - Matt S

    “Unfortunately, amid the Covid-19 outbreak I have had to self isolate.  I informed Tim of this and he suggested my lesson over Skype. I have just finished the session and I found it as effective as being there in person.  A great way to carry on lessons given the current situation. Many thanks.” - Adam W

    “I’ve been having lessons with Tim since 2010, he is an amazing teacher with incredible knowledge of music and the ability to tailor his lessons to suit.  Thanks to Tim, I’ve reached my goal of playing in a local band where he continues to help me with the band’s wide range of music!  Due to family commitments, I started to have lessons on Skype – these lessons are just as helpful as being there in person.” - Dave D

    "Having developed an interest in the guitar 15 years ago and trying on and off to self teach I decided to give real lessons a try and boy am I glad I did.  Within the first 15 minutes Tim had given me a tip which changed the whole feel of playing.  Over my time with Tim my playing has come on leaps and bounds and the only thing holding me back is finding the time to put in the practice. If you can manage to get lessons with Tim I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Tim's lessons are taught in a comfortable setting helping you feel relaxed and ready to become an accomplished guitar player, all you have to do is pay attention and put in the practice time.” - Neil S

     “I came to Tim for lessons after playing guitar for years and years and I felt like I'd hit a wall through self tuition. The lessons are taught in a relaxed and comfortable environment and Tim's passion for music makes the lessons enjoyable. I've come away feeling much more confident with techniques, theory and as a guitarist in general. I whole heartedly recommend his services to anyone especially those stuck in a rut!” - Alex D

     “My friend and I had a wonderful time learning to play the ukulele with Tim. We were older ladies, complete beginners and very nervous about the new challenge.  However Tim was very patient and encouraging and had us playing very quickly. We had such a lot of fun and a great sense of achievement. Thank you Tim” - Kim R and Hilary A

    “I’d tried for over a year to be able to play and change chords smoothly but just couldn’t crack it. Tim just explained it and showed me why I was going wrong much more clearly than any of the videos and web sites I’d been trying. I also got to learn my favourite songs along the way which I’d have never attempted before due to my sloppy chord changing. Every time we learnt a new song there’d be a new chord I’d never done. I’m now happy with my chords and know a lot more than the few I did before Tim’s help.” - Dean H

     “Tim is exceptional not only in his incredible knowledge of music, but also in the way he is able to pass this onto his pupils whatever their level. Combined with total reliability, patience, and an affable nature I cannot recommend Tim highly enough.” - Adrian C

     “Tim is an inspirational teacher whose lessons have rekindled my love of the guitar.He has adapted his approach to suit my interests and ability and has given me a lot of practical advice. I can wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone interested in improving their guitar skills.” - Richard H

     “My 8 year old daughter has attended guitar lessons with Tim for 18 months and has loved every minute of it! Tim is very talented and an excellent teacher, my daughter started as a complete beginner and we were very impressed with how quickly she picked it up, this has to be credit to Tim's teaching ability. My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her time with Tim and I would not hesitate to recommend him! :)” - Ali R

     “I went to Tim to learn how to play Moondance at my wedding and stayed for three years! Having taken those first few steps and enjoyed it, I decided to try to continue and set myself the target of gaining some Rock Guitar certification. I have since passed Grades 1, 2 and 3. Tim has been great to do this with. He's always able to provide a different perspective to help overcome blockers and he's very happy to go at my sedate pace. Taking the grades slowly has allowed us to explore various other things along the way such as folk, reggae, blues and slide. All great fun! Tim knows the RGT exam system very well and was able to offer lots of great advice that ensured that I got through. Unfortunately for me I am now moving to another part of the country and will have to try to find another tutor as good as Tim. If you're looking for an inspirational guitar tutor Tim is a great choice whatever your choice of style and whether you want to do the exams or not.” - Aodhan

     “Tim is fantastic at putting you at ease and is easy to get along with. I'm 54 and have just started to learn to play, Tim has made it a pleasure. Tim's recent move to Telford has made it awkward to attend lessons at the moment but if there is a change in circumstances I would jump at the chance to return . Highly recommended five stars.” - Steve G

      “Lessons with Tim are an absolute pleasure – his guitar excellence and patience in teaching make lessons both enjoyable and rewarding.  My time with Tim has provided a fantastic foundation on which to build.  Unfortunately when Tim moved to Wellington the travelling time became excessive for me, but the lessons with Tim have provided sufficient momentum for me to continue to regularly practice and continue to improve. If you’re considering taking up this wonderful instrument then I can’t recommend Tim highly enough.” - Matt H

     “As an ex-student of Tim's, I would definitely recommend him, whatever genre you wish to learn. His style of teaching helped me to grasp difficult finger movements easily and quickly, and this has helped me to advance with my guitar playing skills.” - Ryan W

     “Tim is fab, he is a great guitarist and like he says, you give him a song and you learn it. If I hadn't been taught by him with school I would not be playing the guitar. I hope play to grade 8, I really recommend Tim as a tutor.” - Charlie S

      “I have ‘played’ the guitar since 1964. With retirement came the opportunity to really get to grips with the theory behind this beautiful instrument.  I have been delighted with the time shared with Tim discussing all sorts of chordal arrangements and musical pathways that I would never have discovered by myself.  He is patient and informative and I would recommend any ‘old hippy’ like me to avail themselves of his lessons.” - Ray C

     “I can't thank Tim enough for the tuition he has given me in learning to play both the electric and acoustic guitar. From the very first lesson he made everything seem simple and my confidence grew with every lesson there after. It is skill I can now build on and is a great thing to take through life with you. I would highly recommend Tim to anyone considering taking up this instrument.” - Oliver G

     “Don't know what you said to my son at his lesson last week, but he came home and wanted to practice straight away and then he's been getting up early every day to get more practice in and now he's come back from his lesson today even more excited! He's loving it!! Thanks so much for all you've done for him - you are clearly a fantastic teacher” - F

      “This has been way more fun than lessons via DVD!” - Robyn

     “At the age of 14 I had always wanted to learn to play the guitar, so at school I took lessons but they were so boring I quickly lost interest. 20+ years later, I thought I would really love to be able to play guitar, so I found Tim's number and after only a few lessons Tim has me learning the songs I want to play. His method of tutoring makes you feel relaxed and makes lessons very enjoyable. I can recommend Tim to anyone old or young you won't regret it. Many thanks Tim” - Chris H

     “Learning to play the guitar at aged 9 was always a risk - sticking at it can be a challenge amongst the distractions of year 5. Tim has helped develop a real love of all things rock, and now Gary Moore is a major influence! Since then Parisienne Walkways has blown away the audience at the school talent show, all from memory, and with a flair only Tim could have inspired. The Wii doesn't get a look in anymore, and we couldn't be happier!

‘It is fun to be a rock god at school... thanks Tim’”  - Rowan, Rachel & Oliver


     “I have been having weekly lessons with Tim for almost four and a half years and have thoroughly enjoyed each one. I like the attitude and style of teaching in the lessons where you choose what you want to learn, whether it be your favourite songs or wanting to do some music theory, Tim is up for pretty much everything. Either way whatever you choose to do with Tim you’ll have a blast doing it as he is an excellent guitar teacher as you can most likely tell from the amount of time I’ve been going for lessons with him.” – James P

     “Just wanted to say thank you very much for all Dan's guitar lessons. He has learnt so much. He has really enjoyed his lessons.” - Sue H

     “Thank you so much for the last six months. I've gone from not being able to play a single note to playing all my favourite songs. Your time and patience is much appreciated.” - Sue D

      “I waited five years before my first guitar lesson because of my tone deafness. I now see this as a big mistake. I knew  that personal recommendation was the way to find a guitar teacher. But I did not find Tim Bush by recommendation. Among his many strong testimonials on his website someone had added "and he's also a really good guy". I am so pleased that I chose to try him because of that comment. Since my first visit I have been able to move forward with my playing, my understanding, but mainly with the enjoyment of my guitar. Through Tim I no longer believe that I am tone deaf! I would like to strongly recommend Tim as an excellent and effective, no pressure, guitar teacher, having unlimited patience, letting me move at my own pace, and understanding my limitations... and he is also a very good guy!” - Peter N

     “Tim’s a fantastic guitar teacher. I’ve been having lessons for six months and I’ve learnt so much. The way Tim teaches guitar is really enjoyable, I would definitely recommend him.” - Max R

     “I had 3 other teachers before Tim and I used to hate having lessons. Now when school is over, I think , “Yes - guitar time!” - Matthew S

     “I have just completed my first run of lessons with Tim and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I tend to flit from band to band and song to song in terms of what I'm interested in learning and playing but no matter what style, band, song etc you are interested in, Tim is your man! Every lesson is tailored to your needs and Tim’s laid back, friendly, supportive style is great. As a result of the lessons my confidence has grown tremendously. Oh and by the way . . .  he's also a top bloke!! cheers Tim” - Steve D

     “I learned to play the guitar in my teens and dabbled a little during the next thirty years before taking the bold step and starting lessons again with Tim. It is the best thing I have done in years, the lessons are always varied and thoroughly enjoyable. We play a mixture of music and the different styles Tim teaches always keep me challenged. I would recommend Tim to anyone who wants to learn guitar and have fun while you are doing it” - John C

     “You are never too old to pick up a guitar. My family treated me to an electric guitar for my 50th birthday and  after a few months of struggling with books and online lessons I got in touch with Tim. It was a slow start because of the amount of time I could set aside to practice, but thanks to Tim things are beginning to happen.  I can now enjoy playing my guitar at home, playing improvisation along to backing tracks which is something I never imagined I would achieve. I’ve still got a long slow road ahead of me, but I am enjoying the journey. At the end of the day, he must be good as I am making a 400 mile round trip for lessons each week (lets ignore the fact that I have to do it for work too).”  - Chris


     “After playing guitar for approximately 7 years I decided to return to guitar lessons. Tim is an excellent teacher who I would recommend to anyone, as he takes your interests into your lessons. With me being very punk/alternative based, Tim taught me any song I came to him to help me with and also found easier ways to play them. Tim also broadened the varieties of music I played to different genres to help with techniques, such as tremolo picking and advance my technique in rhythm and lead guitar playing. Also you can shuffle between electric and acoustic in your lessons, so no matter what the song, you will be able to learn it.” - Ryan

     “An old guitar found in an attic and a little interest in this 6 stringed instrument led me to Tim for instruction. His laid back and relaxed approach to teaching had me playing a new song after each lesson. He encouraged not just the playing of songs but also skills that would enhance technique. I have a new found love of music thanks to Tim and my wife is thoroughly impressed with what I have learned with only 6 weeks tuition. Thanks Tim!”

- Matthew

     “I’ve had Tim as my guitar tutor for near enough two years now, and I think it’d be safe to say that he is one of the coolest teachers I’ve ever had the pleasure of being taught by. You’d be hard pressed to find a better teacher for guitar, whatever your level. He helped me to improve my technique, learn new songs, and helped immensely in learning a bit of the theory in how chords and scales actually work! With him, I managed to go from not being graded at all in Guitar straight to an RGT Grade 5 pass. I think that feat speaks for itself. No matter what you want to achieve with your playing, Tim Bush is your man.” - Nick


     “I have had lessons with Tim now for 6 months and I couldn’t be happier with my progress. I had been playing guitar for about 8 years but felt frustrated that I hadn’t moved on to the next stage. Tim has helped me to understand the guitar so much better. My goal when I started was to get a good grasp of theory, start learning to play by ear and to create my own solos. I can now listen to a song, figure out the key, play along and even create basic solos. Its incredibly satisfying and makes a lot more sense to me now. I have learnt songs that I would otherwise have not even attempted and my confidence has grown hugely. Tim’s resources, environment and teaching style are second to none and my only regret is that I didn’t know Tim 8 years ago.” - Richard M

     “I was looking to get back into guitar playing, and found Tim. I was with him for five months and had a great time. I learnt a lot, it was very casual and relaxed, which is what I wanted. I would recommend him to anyone. It’s great to learn the tunes you want to play and not the usual text book tunes.” - Kev


       “I have been interested in guitar for many years, and just over a year ago I jumped in the deep end and bought an electric guitar. As so many do, I too let it sit to collect dust whilst I produced excuses to avoid learning, including 'I only mess about', 'I'm not good enough', 'No time', and finally 'It looks better in the corner, best not scratch it'.
Lucky for me I was gifted my first lessons as a birthday present. Now 10 months on I feel greater confidence in picking up the guitar and giving it a go. Under Tim's tuition I have been able to improve my technique and enjoyment in playing. What seemed to me impossible at the start now comes to me more naturally, even for a music novice like me. Unlike learning from a book or internet site, Tim encourages and involves himself in the playing of the guitar, taking each step with you and at your own pace, giving feedback and advice and working things out together with you. He plays what you want to play and is a great guy to have a chat with, making an hour fly by. So if you’re sat next to a guitar that's gathering dust, I can recommend giving lessons a go. It can release a lot of frustration and stress from everyday life and gives you some fresh skills too.”
- Mark

       “Never too old to improve your guitar playing! I'm 62 and lessons with Tim over the past months have enabled me to play things I didn't think I would ever achieve, even though it's a bit of a struggle sometimes!  I enjoy playing my guitar at home much more than I used to and hope to resume lessons with Tim again in the New Year. I look forward to every lesson, probably due to Tim’s relaxed way of teaching and his enthusiasm and endless patience!” - Anson

       “I've been having lessons for around 12 months and am amazed how quickly I have progressed. Tim is an excellent tutor and lessons are fun and never boring. It's great how you can learn whatever you want with as much or as little theory as you like. Looking forward to the next 12 months! Thanks Tim!” - Simon

       “I have been having lessons with Tim for over six months now. I started with no knowledge of how to play a guitar or even hold it but Tim has been patient and encouraging throughout all my lessons. I started doing half hour lessons and soon realised this wasn't enough time and now have an hourly lesson weekly. My guitar playing has improved at a pace that suits me, learning songs of my choice as opposed to what is expected. I simply do the lessons as a hobby I never expect to be the next Brian May or John Mayer but who knows, with Tim's help and encouragement and positivity I don't know where I will end up. P.S. Not a bad bloke to talk to either.” - Doug

       “I have been having lessons with Tim for a little over 6 months now and it was the best decision I ever made.  He has developed my guitar playing significantly and I truly enjoy every minute of every lesson.   Each time he shows me a little of what he can do on a guitar I smile and it keeps me gripped to want to improve more and more.  Whether it’s acoustic or electric he gets you playing your favourite songs in a remarkably short time.  As for me, well he has taken my playing from basic chords and simple songs to more complex finger picking.  Right now he has opened up my eyes to a whole new level of playing as he is teaching me lead guitar techniques on my new Telecaster.  Whatever direction you want your playing to go and whatever your skill level Tim will set you exciting and yet realistic goals and you won’t believe how quick you progress.  Each week it has been a pleasure to learn and talk with Tim and if you are thinking about taking lessons, and I guess you are if you are reading this, then you have come to the perfect place.” - Richard L

       “I always thought playing electric guitar was for someone else but after being inspired in the Gibson Interactive Studio at the British Music Experience in London, I was lucky enough to buy my first guitar and also lucky to find Tim to teach me. As other testimonials from some of Tim’s students have already stated how patient and enthusiastic Tim is, I can only echo their thoughts and confirm from my own experience that learning with Tim is great fun. Always smiling, relaxed, prepared and with a great selection of music to learn, I can genuinely recommend Tim to any other students wishing to learn guitar.” - Jon

        “I would just like to say that I was amazed how much I learnt in such a short space of time. Also it's great playing songs that I actually know and like.” - Wendy

       “I first wanted to learn to play guitar when I was 10 but I never did go through with it, I’m now 15 and recently I bought Guitar Hero which made me want to have lessons again. So I asked my dad and he said he had seen Tim's advert on his car so we phoned him and I have been learning weekly since. I really enjoy the music and the relaxed way that Tim teaches you, he doesn’t rush you and plays only things that you like/would like to play. I have been having lesson for around 10 weeks and every time my lesson finishes I can’t wait for the next one to come. I’m very grateful, Thanks Tim.” - Luke P

       “Tim is an amazing teacher, trust me. As well being a talented musician he is a talented teacher. He is very patient and help u achieve those tricky techniques/styles and songs that u want to learn. Lessons are never boring, its almost feels like we're messing around jamming in his house. While learning a lot of things simultaneously, Tim will help u progress, your way. As well as teaching, he gives a lot of advice on how to improve your technique or if you’re doing something wrong Tim will immediately notice them. Tim rocks (including his cats)=]” - Luke C

       “Tim is a great teacher. I’ve really been enjoying practicing everything he has taught me and I'm really happy to be learning all the different styles and songs! He always gives me a lot to learn in the lessons, which is great and he makes it easy to pick up and remember. I’ve learned loads in the last few months that I’ve been going to Tim.” - Dave

       “After being inspired by The Clash guitarist Mick Jones & Generation X / Sigue Sigue Sputnik’s Tony James’ new band Carbon/Silicon (www.carbonsiliconinc.com) I finally decided to pick up an Electric Guitar at the ripe old age of 39. I spent a few months picking up basic chords / lessons off various websites but then one day I discovered Tim’s site via Google. A few quick emails and he soon had me booked in for a FREE starter lesson one night after work. Since then I’ve been attending weekly and at each lesson we learn a new song which really helps me pick up new chords, strumming styles and techniques. Tim’s a great tutor - very patient, really helpful and also very talented! Tim can even tailor a session for you if you wish to learn a specific song. Go on, drop him an email – you wont regret it!” - Andrew

       “Having been given an electric guitar as a present 3 years ago, and my son who is now 9 getting one for Christmas nearly 2 years ago, I thought it about time we learned how to play them. You can imagine how difficult it must be to teach a 9 year old and a 47 year old together to play what I perceived as being one of the most difficult instruments to learn to play! But not Tim, his patience and guitar knowledge make him the perfect tutor. After just two lessons he has already taught us to play some basic Status Quo. We believe we are lucky to have found him and as I write this I am being pestered by my 9 year old as to when we get our next lesson! If you are serious about learning to play guitar then Tim is your man.” - Kevin & Jonti

       “It has been brilliant.  In just a few weeks, I can now pick up my guitar and play actual music, it is so much better than the years I have spent looking at my guitar in the corner. Thank you for this great gift.” - Janine

       “Tim rocks! :) He is a very inspiring teacher and definitely knows what he's doing!!!” - Hadley

       “After only two lessons we have already learned and retained so much. Though we know we are not hitting the chords ‘just so’, we are enjoying learning. Tim is very patient and makes the lessons seem just like a fun jamming session. Tim encourages even our littlest efforts. This has been way more fun than lessons via DVD!” - Robyn

       “I had a great time with the guitar lessons today... I have had a few lessons with my tutor, but I am going to cancel them and join the lessons [with you] instead... That's exactly what I was looking for. Tuition that is fun.” - Lucille

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